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Floor and tile guard suppliers

Silica Group is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of Floor Guard Sheets in India. We provide complete roofing and flooring protection, waterproofing and expansion covering solutions manufactured out of highest quality raw material.  We offer the latest technology and widest range of products for our customers.


We own a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly innovating new products. Being a leader in this industry, we give you the largest options for tile and floor guardssheets. Silica Group supplies our products throughout India.


These floor guard sheets are used to prevent crutches on the tiles and floors from getting damaged. It is also used to prevent any dirt, dust or any loose particle to get in contact with the new floor and thus, keeping it cleaner.


We provide cost effective solutions for complete floor protection

At most of the under construction sites, the floor tiles are laid before the final finishing of the building. The other electrical or mechanical fitting is done only after it. This means that tools, scaffolding and other equipment will move over the floor causing scratches and marks on the tiles.


In order to avoid any form of damage to the tiles, POP was laid on the floors in earlier times. However, the process of laying and removing it was cumbersome. It requires skilled labors and even after that, deposition of debris was a big problem. In fact, during the removing or scrapping process, there are high chances of getting scratches. This can make your new floor look shabby, dusty and unhygienic.


Our floor guards and tile guards are a reliable alternative available. They are easier to laid, can be installed and removed by any person and also prevent any possible damages to the tiles.



Easy, immediate and uniform coverage compared to POP which takes 5 hours to prepare the surface. Any unskilled labor can be used.


A hygienic and clean work environment that increases performance and avoids the dusty and uncomfortable POP atmosphere that costs all equipment and materials on site.


A great time saving for assembly and disassembly. Multiple use gives good value for money, unlike the unique use of POP which also attracts the costs of removing debris with a zero recovery value.


Costly surface materials such as flooring, wall coverings, etc. are protected against scratches and damage. Allows scaffolding, tools and portable equipment to move on the ground.

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