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Floor protection suppliers

Polymer protective coatings, wax coatings, as well as polishes are used to impart gloss and protect the floor surface. In dependence on the chemical composition and properties of these substances differ from each other. Most polishes are self-shining, that is, they do not require polishing after applying the treatment.

Protective floor coverings

Floor protector coatings provide reliable protection against penetrating mud buildings; keep the floor surface from damage.

Daily care of the floor, periodic cleaning of the floor with professional equipment, application of protective coatings - a set of measures that will ensure an impeccable look of your floor. Silica Group is ready to offer you all this.

Protection for textile surfaces, fabric & flooring

Silica Group supplies tailor-made, self-adhesive PE protective films with solvent-free acrylate adhesives, for the temporary protection of various textile materials.

Textile Tile protector and carpet protection films are suitable for: fabrics, leather, artificial leather, flooring, carpet floors, carpet fabrics, automotive floor mats, furniture materials, pillow covers, looping material, interior linings of vehicles, seat covers, cushions etc. Our protective films protect them from contamination, moisture and damage during transport, storage and processing (eg high traffic during the construction phase, etc.).

Discover a wide range of tile protection sheet for floors, allowing you to protect carpets, vinyl floors, concrete floors, tiles, floors and other natural surfaces from shocks, dust, paint falls or pedestrian traffic.

Marble Protections

We propose here a set of Floor protection sheet of site and surface works for marble or ceramic floors whose natural character requires appropriate protections allowing a continuous breathing of the material.

Flexible Floor Protection

Discover a set of temporary protections of construction sites and surface works for the protection of vinyl, lino and PVC floors. You will find dustproof, paint-tight protections, as well as absorbent and shock-resistant protections.

Perfectly designed to be easy to install and perfectly safe, these protections are ideal for finish, fitting, renovation, cleaning or moving operations.

Breathable Floor Protectors

Silica Group floor protection sheet manufacturer offers natural soil (wood, vegetable fibers, clay or stone), known as breathable floors, and your freshly treated or painted floor coverings.

Carpet Protections

We offer here a temporary protection of site and surface work for your carpets, rugs and other rough textile surfaces. These include Carpet Film, self-adhesive and waterproof protection specifically designed to protect carpets from the pedestrian walkway and falling paint.

Parquet Protections

Discover a selection of temporary protection from site and surface works to protect solid, treated, untreated or laminate flooring. You will find waterproof and breathable protections as well as anti-shock and scratch-resistant protections.

Easy to install, they are ideal for any type of site: painting, finishing, cleaning, and fitting out, renovation works, rehabilitation works and removals.

Hard Floor Protectors

Floor protection sheet manufacturer in Delhi also offers surface work to protect stone floors, concrete floors and tile floors against paint falls, dust, shocks and pedestrian traffic. All our protections are developed with the aim of ensuring a fast, simple and perfectly safe pose for your workers and the public.

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