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Silica Group is a line of expansion joints suitable for laying ceramic floors that are normally dilating. The use is, particularly indicated, on large surfaces, in correspondence of the splitting joints in the screed, to mitigate the expansion and / or contraction of the floor or absorb the vibrations.

In industrial or large - sized structures, such as load - bearing structures (floorboards or load - bearing walls), requiring a large space for the different expansion of the elements carriers, Silica Group floor expansion joint fulfills the task of hiding the partition of the floor.

The space or partition, which is present at the level of the floor or covering, is covered by the blankets, also concealing any blemishes and / or laying imperfections while at the same time allowing the expansion of the materials to be joined.

Flooring expansion joints- For strong building foundation

Structural deformations, expansion and compression due to thermal excursion, retraction, and structural flexion are elements that create continuous paving movements and stress that often cause crack or premature detachment of the liner.

It is therefore appropriate to provide an appropriate line of expansion joints by choosing the type of joint and its location in consideration of the loads and stresses. Our floor expansion joints are highly durable, have high tensile strength and come with stringent quality check. The splitting of the surface and the underlying screed is, in fact, crucial to ensuring a position, both in the glue and in the traditional method. Silica Group floor expansion joint manufacturer offers you a wide range of joints system with quality and state of the art engineering solutions.

Stick to us for all kinds of joint expansions systems under one roof. 

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