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For decades, Silica Group has been the leader in the field of products Supreme HD 100 board, Silflex board, Dura HD 100 board for civil engineering and civil engineering. Quality is the focus, without neglecting the ecological aspects. With our specially developed building waterproofing solutions, we create perfect alternatives and keep water away.

Common problems such as leaks, moisture, and soaked basements causing wastewater odors can be easily managed by our plumbers. Our team provides permanent waterproofing services in Delhi NCR area, providing sealed and odorless interiors.

Why waterproof your terrace and floor?

Through the Supreme HD 100 board, your residence will remain free from leaking problems, mold, and rotting with water damage. When water seeps into the basement, there arise major problems for the integrity of the residence. Repairing the damage caused by these problems will be costly. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your foundation.

The waterproofing of the terrace as well as Silflex board and Dura HD 100 board, inside and outside, is carried out using advanced technologies and procedures. These technologies guarantee repairs of cracks in the terrace and foundation, without affecting the structural integrity of your home.

Hire the best waterproof contractors- Silica Group

We offer a product of Supreme HD 100 board, Silflex board, Dura HD 100 board high technological innovation, designed for the stabilization, waterproofing and compaction of any type of soil. Basically, it acts as a catalyst by modifying its properties. The waterproofing of floors does not mean that the current floor needs to be raised to change the waterproofing, with the work that this entails.

For more than 20 years, we have been offering products and services that allow waterproofing the floors without having to lift them. These products have different applications and features, to fully adapt to the needs of the customer.

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