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Every building needs some solid base strategy in order to stand tall for a longer lifetime. Silica Group is an answer to all such needs of yours. We are reliable and trustworthy expansion joint filler board manufacturers to buy expansion joints and filler boards to beat the cracks and expansions in the flooring as well as walls of your house or office space.


We have successfully managed to make a name for us in the market by being customer centric and manufacturing quality based excellent range of Expansion Joint Filler Board. Our Joint Filler boards are made up of high quality material and are tested with best technology to make them reliable for responsible use. The products are not only reliable but also available at affordable prices in the market. Our products are high on demand in the market due to their effectiveness and the durability which they offer to the customers.


Silica Group- expansion joint filler board manufacturers in Delhi

Silica Group joint filler boards are filler for expansion joints based on closed cell polyethylene foam, the design of which allows the replacement of traditional fiber board’s impregnated with asphalt. It is highly flexible and compressible which will allow it to expand or compress with the movement of the joints, preventing the passage of moisture or non-compressible materials that prevent the movements of concrete.


Benefits of using Silica Group expansion joint filler boards:

·         Practically impermeable, due to its closed cell structure.

·         Light and flexible.

·         It does not stain because it is not impregnated with asphalt.

·         Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

·         It is easy to position: due to its removable top cover.

·         It is compatible with cold sealers,

·         It is easy to cut and use


Expansion Joint filler board are used in many industries, basically based on the structure of the house it will use because the composition of the material, it will be largely influenced by the temperature. And in the design before considering the expansion joint and fill a certain insulation material, we must not worry, expansion joint manufacturers of the current process is the most advanced.


Once the concrete floor forges, it becomes necessary to make cuts to avoid cracking and with that process generate the expansion joints. The heavy traffic damages the joints and is deposited with the passage of time, it is a process of natural wear that becomes a later problem and causes greater damages, can be avoided giving a correct filling of joints with the suitable material. The filling joint process adds lifetime to the building and makes them safe and secure.


We do not supply the filler boards only but you can also find Armour Board, injection grouting and foam concrete with us. We are a known wall cladding contractors who aim to bring the sturdiest and best building solutions for you. If you have been looking for backup rod supplier in Delhi, then your search ends with us. Contact us today and explore our range of products and services from respective section.

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