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Expansion joint system

Silica Group Expansion joint system

We are aware that in any complex project, expansion joint systems are involved. Most manufacturers often use standard solutions, which can compromise the performance of their equipment. The expansion joint is a specially manufactured flanged pipe section that can be inserted into a rigid pipe system and achieve one or more of the following objectives.

·         Absorb movements in the system

·         Mitigate the stretch and shrinkage.

·         Reduce mechanical noise

·         Isolate mechanical vibration.

·         Compensate for misalignment.

·         Eliminate electrolysis between different metals.

For more than 30 years, Silica Group are reputed Expansion joint manufacturers adapted to all the needs of its customers, including in its program both standardized and totally customized joints for every need. The result is unique solutions, both in terms of form and size and materials, as well as how many additional requirements are required for our client.

Silica Group Expansion joint manufacturers are, therefore, recognized as a leading global manufacturer of expansion joints solutions. Our expansion joints are designed to relieve strain on the pipe, compensate for movement, reduce noise and isolate vibration.

We are the one stop solution for you!

Silica Group products can be custom-made in a variety of styles and configurations to accommodate reductions in pipe size, misalignment and deviations. With a hardworking team of engineers from the inception of our company, we boast of increased production ranges and special construction, coupled with the development of new products such as metal hoses and expansion joints for high pressure.

Since then and to date the growth of the company has had a positive trend, being able to offer a wide range of products and possibilities to customers. Every day there are more satisfied customers and positive references of the work developed by the company and its people.


Aware of the risks that these parts bear, Silica Group Expansion joint manufacturers in Delhi has made a great effort to provide our customers with the highest possible guarantee and safety, achieving a level of quality assurance with the use of ISO 9001: 2008 and approval to manufacture equipment according to Pressure Equipment Directive .


The quality policy of the company has allowed us to achieve the most demanding certifications for the design, manufacture and marketing of expansion joints, compensators and bellows of fabric, rubber and metallic.


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